FKC Staff

Ed Wilson
Head Instructor, Owner
Ed Wilson, Head Instructor and Owner

Ed Wilson has dedicated over 40 years to establishing himself within the Greater New England area. His ongoing efforts have earned him the recognition as a highly regarded Martial Arts Practitioner and Instructor.

Mr. Wilson first became interested in martial arts in 1972 when he attended a Kenpo Karate school in Framingham, Massachusetts, believing it would be a good way to get in better shape. A few classes later, he was hooked and established a goal of earning a Black Belt. Since then, Mr. Wilson went on to study under several Ed Parker Black Belts, including Frank Trejo and Brian Hawkins.

Mr. Wilson's ongoing studies have earned him the Prestigious Ranks of:
Ninth Degree Black Belt: Ed Parker's Kenpo
Fourth Degree Black Belt: American Kenpo Karate
First Degree Black Belt: Kumiuchi Ryu JiuJitsu

Complementing these most important credentials, Mr. Wilson has participated in numerous training seminars with many well-known Martial Arts Masters throughout the United States.

Mr. Wilson has been featured in national magazine articles, such as Black Belt Magazine, In Kung Fu, and Inside Karate.

Mandi Remillard
Chief Instructor
Mandi Remillard, Chief Instructor at Family Karate Center in Whitinsville, MA

Mandi Remillard first joined Woonsocket's Family Karate Center in 1995, at the age of 13, to help her develop her confidence. She has studied under 2nd degree black belt Chip Wilson, and continues her studies under 9th degree black belt Ed Wilson.

Mandi always pushed herself to work hard and impressed her instructors, becoming an Assistant Instructor at green belt, and earning her honorary black belt in 1998. Choosing her position at FKC as her career, Ms. Remillard has been teaching full time as the Chief Instructor at the Whitinsville Family Karate Center since February of 1999. She has always strived to bring enthusiasm, motivation, and energy into each class that she teaches- following the "Instructors Creed" to teach each class as if it is the most important class she will ever teach, to be patient and enthusiastic, and to lead by example.

In March of 1999, Mandi received her 1st degree Black Belt. She went on to earn her 2nd degree Black Belt in July of 2001, 3rd degree in January of 2004, and her fourth degree in November of 2008.

Lizabeth Parmenter
Lizabeth Parmenter, Instructor at Family Karate Center in Whitinsville, MA

Lizabeth Parmenter has been a student of Whitinsville Family Karate Center since November of 1997. Miss Liz studies under 9th degree Black Belt Ed Wilson, and 4th degree Black Belt Mandi Remillard. She joined the Leadership Team in 2000 and began assisting with classes. Miss Liz received an honorary Black Belt in 2001, after years loyalty and dedication. Miss Liz received her 2nd degree Black Belt in June of 2005. She continues her studies, working towards her 3rd degree.

Miss Liz has a master's degree in occupational therapy, a health care field that helps people with disabilities to live their lives to the fullest. She works with children for the Foxbro school system. Her work as an occupational therapist has helped her to learn how to improve children's motor skills as well as their mental wellness. She brings her unique knowledge learned at Worcester State College to Family Karate Center, allowing every child, even those with disabilities to participate in karate.