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Discover the keys to increased Focus, Self-discipline, Respect, Self-Confidence and Academic Success!

I know you are thinking “How can Martial Arts lessons achieve all of those things?” Well I am here to tell you that I have seen first-hand the amazing benefits of Martial Arts. I don’t want you to take my word for it though. Scroll down to sign up to receive our full information including costs and current schedules! Enroll today, so that you can see for yourself how Family Karate Center can help you the way I have seen it help so many! No contracts, affordable monthly fees!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ed Wilson, and after personally experiencing the incredible benefits that Martial Arts lessons offer, I began teaching because I wanted to pass along to others what I received from my training. In the past 40 years, I have taught thousands of students in the Blackstone Valley and have witnessed that my amazing experience with Martial Arts was not isolated!

The toughest battles most children face today are not the ones faced by “bad guys” but rather the ones they face internally. Questioning whether they are smart enough, fast enough, or pretty enough. Dealing with issues like anxiety, or challenges with focus that make them feel “less than” their classmates. Not being as “athletic” as their friends and therefore not enjoying team sports because they don’t feel good enough.

I want to show you first-hand how our program can:


* Develop a winning “I can” attitude

* Improve focus, helping children to succeed in school

* Learn how to cope with anxiety in a positive way!

* Learn how to deal with a bully without fighting, and without losing self-worth!

Our program goes way beyond blocking, punching and kicking! Students are required to behave with “Black Belt Respect” at home and school, complete home chores and homework on time, and demonstrate self-discipline in order to be eligible to test for each new rank.

Our weekly class discussion offer character-building topics such as self-image, self-care, respect and perseverance. The children are even given special “missions” to complete in order to reinforce class discussions!

Are you ready to see first-hand what thousands of

Blackstone Valley residents have experienced in the past

40 years? Fill out the form below to set up your FREE,

no strings attached trial! We look forward to you becoming

part of our “karate family!”


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