Little Dragons

Ages (3&1/2 - 6)

Among the many activities available to children today, martial arts is one of the best for developing motor skills, focus, discipline, respect and responsibility. Most of all, it's fun! At Family Karate Center, we understand the importance of maintaining a proper balance of challenge, education and fun. Our instructors specialize in children's martial arts classes.

Our "Little Dragon" program is a fun way to work on developing motor skills, coordination and balance. This includes drills for coordination, agility, muscle strength, speed, reaction, etc. Even though some drills appear not to be karate related, they all contribute in some ways to the development of your children's motor skills, which in the long run help to develop their karate techniques.

An important part of the program is teaching "Stranger Danger" . This will include knowing their home address, parents first and last names as well as their phone number. Our goal is to teach the children who a stranger is and what can be done if a stranger approaches them, what to say and what to do.

The development of self-confidence and self-esteem is the overall aim of the Little Dragons Program here at Family Karate Center. Each student who takes karate begins with a certain goal. The attaining of this goal builds self-confidence and helps the student to set more goals, not just in karate but in all areas of their lives.