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About FKC 

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Family Karate Center first opened its doors in June of 1982. We have taught thousands of people over the years from all walks of life, ages 3 ½ to 72! While we always respect tradition, we are constantly changing and improving our program based on the current needs of our students!

The system of Martial Arts that we teach is a modernized system of karate based off of physics and logic, utilizing sound scientific principles and concepts, taking a blend of several arts, including small circle Jiu-jit-su, which is a perfect complement to Kenpo.


We offer age appropriate classes, centering on self-development, character, focus, and developing of motor skills for the “Little Dragons” (ages 3 ½ through 6) and “Kenpo Kids” (ages 7-13). Adults will get in shape, relieve stress, and learn life-saving self-defense skills. Our program for each age group is perfectly designed to meet their needs, from the length of the class to the carefully designed weekly curriculum.

No Matter the age, our program can help students to:

* Have incredible confidence- through achieving their Martial Arts goals step by step

* Learn Total Focus- Using the “Brain/ Body Connection” by learning your self-defense techniques.

* Having a sense of “Belonging” in our Karate Family- We teach in a super friendly, supportive environment, from the students, to the caring instructors.

* Get in great shape!- From the complete beginner to the elite athlete, each of our classes offer challenges for all different levels!

* Have FUN!- We believe learning is best achieved in a fun, relaxed environment! While our program is very structured and disciplined, you will also have lots of laughs and fun in every class!

We are located on Church Street in Whitinsville, next to the Valley Café and across from Pegs Diner. Our school is air-conditioned and there is plenty of parking in the back. We offer a separate viewing room for parents so as not to distract the class or make anyone feel uncomfortable.

To receive a tour of our facility and try out our program for yourself ABSOLUTELY FREE with no strings attached and no pressure to enroll, fill out the form by clicking the link above! If you would rather speak with us, call us at 508-234-0900. Your only regret will be not doing so sooner!

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