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Rules & Regulations

Courtesy and Respect

Courtesy and respect shall be extended at all times towards instructors, senior ranks, and fellow classmates. Students will address all instructors by Mr./Mrs./Ms. Students will bow to their workout partner before and after practicing.


Please clean up after yourself. The studio should be spotless: "A clean school is a good school."


Students will bow when entering and leaving the workout area of the Dojo. No horseplay in the Dojo. Students should strive to maintain self-control at all times. Students will remove outdoor shoes before entering and the workout area of the Dojo.

Equipment Requirements

All male students must wear athletic supporters and cup to each class. Martial arts shoes or sneakers (smooth surface) are MANDATORY during class. No outside uniforms are allowed in the studio. Complete Gi (uniform) must be worn during each belt test. Family Karate Center Tee shirts and sweatpants ONLY are allowed to be worn during class.


No jewelry, watches, ect. in class. Do not bring valuables into the studio. We are not responsible for lost or stolen property. Read bulletin board for special notices, events, and test information.


Whenever tradition can compliment the present, as well as influence the future, we should not hesitate to adopt it. Formalities and ceremonies with the Martial Arts have and still serve an important role. Because of their positive qualities, they are stressed and emphasized at our school. Through adherence to formalities and ceremonies, discipline and respect become ingrained in the students. It must be emphasized, however, the adherence to formalities and ceremonies does not compel anyone to comply with a sect or religion.


Student's uniforms shall be white and should be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition. Black uniforms are allowed at orange belt. No outside uniforms allowed. Uniforms purchased only through Family Karate Center will be allowed.


The school patch should be placed on the left front side of the uniform. To find the proper height, the patch should be positioned so that the dividing line of the circle in the patch is centered over the left breast at the nipple of slightly above it. To align your patch for sewing, it is recommended that you first put on your top, cross your left lapel over your right lapel, and then position your patch.


Be sure you have received instruction on how to properly tie your belt. If you have not, please come early before class and we will be happy to help you.

Verbal Respect

Black belts and instructors should be addressed as "Mr.", "Miss", or "Mrs." and then their last name. This generates respect to those of higher ranks. It helps to acknowledge their skill, experience, and time devoted to the art. Since we address older men and women of the community as "Mr." or "Mrs." as a means of showing our respect for their ability, wisdom, age, and experience, so should we show respect to those with more experience in the arts.

Late Students

It is very important that you make every attempt to be at class on time! It is recommended that you arrive 10-15 minutes early. We do understand, however, that a situation may arise that is beyond your control, which may make you late for class. If a student is late for class, he/she must stand at the edge of the training room, be recognized by the instructor with a bow, before being allowed to join the class.

Company Policies

Family Karate Center is open Monday to Saturday and offers flexible rates and training schedules, making it easy for you to study and progress through the ranks.

Missed Classes

If you are expecting to be absent or tardy for class, a phone call and an explanation are necessary. Members who are going on vacation, taking a leave of absence, ect. are responsible for making timely payments. There will be no credit for classes missed. See your instructor to schedule make-up classes prior to missing your class. THERE WILL BE NO CARRY OVERS ON TUITION OR SPECIAL DISCOUNTS.

Vulgarity, Liquor, and Drugs

Are prohibited in the studio before, during, and after hours.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are designed for students seeking more personalized and accelerated training. It has been shown that private lesson students progress three times faster than students who rely on group lessons alone!

Private lessons are one-half hour long and are scheduled once at your convenience. Those individuals who are paying for their privates on a weekly basis are required to be prepaid at least one week in advance.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel a private lesson, simply call at least 24 hours prior to your lesson to receive a make-up lesson free of charge, as long as you take your make-up lesson by the end of your payment month. You will be charged for your private lesson if the studio is not notified at least 24 hours in advance of its cancellation.


Supplies are to be paid for when ordered. Seminar, tournament, test, and private class fees are to be paid in advance. No food or drink, or outside shoes are allowed in the dojo. Please take off shoes when walking through the dojo. NO EXCEPTIONS Due to our insurance's safety policy, there will be no one in the training area except those taking class, unless granted permission by the instructors or a member of the staff. This policy also takes into consideration the concerns raised by students who were afraid to practice in the training area for fear of injuring someone. Safety is our primary concern! We ask that all parents/spectators view the class from the appropriate area designated by Family Karate Center so that you do not distract the children.

Testing for Rank

When you first walk into our studio, you will notice that various students wear different colored belts and may wonder why. Out of respect to our traditional martial arts heritage, we at Family Karate Center use colored belts to denote accomplishments and mastery of As you move forward in your training, you like thousands of students who have gone before you, will be allowed to wear a colored belt that symbolizes the level of your achievement.

After demonstrating your skill in several of the many basic techniques that you have already learned, you will be awarded your first rank, the yellow belt. With each colored belt you will also receive the Family Karate Center certificate of promotion, which is recognized everywhere.

Each test has a specific number of techniques to learn and skills to achieve. Your instructor, upon watching your progress, will invite you to the next scheduled testing when he/she feels that you are ready. In the beginning, you will find that your belt tests are scheduled close together and are shorter in length. As you get further along and your knowledge and skill increases, your belt tests will be further apart and will take longer to complete, All tests are held in complete safety under the personal direction of your chief instructor. A minimal fee is charged for testing which covers the instructor's time, a new belt, and or stripes, and a certificate of promotion upon successful completion of the test. Private lessons are available prior to the test date to ensure your success.

Promotional Evaluation Criteria

The following are some of the criteria used in deciding whether or not a student is ready to be tested for a new rank. Not necessarily in the order of importance.

  • Time since last test

  • Mastery of material Progress made relative to where student was when he started.

  • Progress is relative to each student individually.

  • Frequency and consistency of attendance

  • Attitude Effort Respect - himself, fellow students, instructors

  • Enthusiasm

  • Conduct both in class, and out of class

  • Support of school seminars, tournaments, and functions

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